Do you need a little something extra for love, money, a new job, deal with nuisance neighbors, etc? We can create a special kit for your situation. Kits can include a combination of candles, oils, washes, herb baths, stones, and other items, as well as a set of instructions. The contents of the kit are specialized and depend on your situation and your budget. Please note that based on our spiritual practices, we are not permitted to harm others. So please do not ask us to create a kit that will kill your ex or his new girlfriend.*

Fill out this form to let us know your situation so that we can provide you a quote for your kit.

*As with most things, there are no 100% guarantees with consultations, cleansings, or any spell and ritual kits. Each of these are conducted or created based on guidance received from intuition, spiritual gifts, and spirits that may be present.