Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing. The term “Reiki” can be translated to universal life force energy. A Reiki practitioner helps to guide energy through the recipient in order to promote balance and healing. Reiki is provided by Amber. Click HERE for info on scheduling

  • 15 minutes (remote) – $25 donation
  • 30 minutes (in-person) – $45 donation
  • 30 minutes (remote) – $40 donation
  • 60 minutes (in-person) – $70 donation
  • 60 minutes (remote) – $65 donation


Consultations are one-on-one sessions that allow you to discuss issues you may be having and receive guidance on how to deal with them. This may or may not include product recommendations. Consultations may result in the need to have a reading (which may or may not be conducted at that time, depending on the situation).* Consultations are done by Amber. Click HERE for info on scheduling.

  • 21 minutes (phone or virtual) – $21 donation
  • 21 minutes (in-person) – $33 donation

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Tarot readings are used to examine outcomes and influences that surround a person or a thing. THIS IS NOT FORTUNE TELLING. These sessions involve examining cards and patterns to determine how they may apply to your life or situation.

Please read all of the information below before deciding whether or not a reading is right for you. All phone, virtual, and email readings include a photo of the cards that will be sent to the client via email. Click HERE for info on scheduling.

  • Traditional Tarot – These full spread readings (Celtic Cross or other). Reader: Beth or Amber
    • 30 minutes (phone or virtual)- $45 donation
    • 30 minutes (in-person) – $50 donation
    • Email – $45 donation
  • Three-Card Tarot – This reading involves the use of three cards to give a brief overview of a situation. This spread can also be used for a quick past/present/future, situation/obstacle/advice, or mind/body/spirit readings. These readings are NOT done in person. Reader: Beth or Amber
    • 15 minutes (phone or virtual) – $15 donation
    • Email – $15 donation
  • Nine-Card Tarot – This reading involves the use of nine cards to provide insight into a situation. Reader: Amber
    • 30 minutes (phone or virtual) – $40 donation
    • 30 minutes (in-person) – $45 donation
    • Email – $40 donation
  • Lovers Tarot – This type of reading is great when you need some extra insight into your relationship or have questions about your future relationships. Reader: Beth
    • 30 minutes (phone or virtual) – $30 donation
    • 30 minutes (in-person) – $35 donation
    • Email – $30 donation
  • Mother Peace Tarot – This reading is done using the well-known Mother Peace deck and is only done via email. Reader: Amber
    • Email – $45 donation

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Home or Business Cleansing – You may be interested in a home or business cleansing if you sense undesirable or negative energy or spirits in your space. Cleansings are also recommended for those who have just moved into a new space and would like to get rid of the old energies that may linger and invite in new refreshing energy. The price of each cleansing varies and depends on the situation, size, and location of the space (Example: A whole house cleansing will cost more than cleansing one room). Please note that depending on the situation, more than one cleansing may be necessary. Click HERE for info on scheduling.

  • Price starts at $125 and includes cost of any supplies

Spiritual Cleansing (Limpia) – You may be interested in a spiritual cleansing if you feel that your energy is off or that you were around others or in a place where negativity may have attached itself to you. Some people also schedule these cleansings on a regular basis as a type of spiritual maintenance. This type of cleansing can also help to get rid of blockages and as a way to prepare for other spiritual undertakings. These sessions typically take 30-45 minutes. Although most people prefer in-person cleansings, they can also be done remotely. In-person appointments will take place at Arts & Crafts: Botanica & Occult Shop. Click HERE for info on scheduling.

  • Cleansing (in-person) – $50
  • Cleansing (remote) – $40

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Corporate & Private Events

We are available to do workshops, Reiki, readings, cleansings at private events. Typically, in-person readings for corporate and private events are $125 per hour (per reader), for minimum of two hours. For events outside of Pittsburgh and its directly connecting neighborhoods, a mileage fee will be assessed. Event readings can also be conducted virtually (at a reduced rate). Please email us at to discuss details and receive a quote.

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Scheduling & Preparation

In order to make an appointment, please email us at to let us know several days and times when you are available, and we will coordinate with you to find a day/time that works for both of us. In the subject line of your email, please including Reiki, Cleansing, Consulation, or Reading. All services are provided in English. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your inquiry. Note: Although it is not impossible, we are rarely able to schedule same-day readings. We understand that you may have urgent issues. However, readings must be scheduled at a time when both you and we are available, taking into consideration things such as work schedules, family time, and prior obligations. We appreciate your understanding and patience! 🙂

Donations must be submitted via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp only and must be received up front in order to secure appointment. Donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Appointments can be rescheduled if notification is received 24 hours or more prior to appointment time. If client is a no-call, no-show, or cancels session less than 24 hours prior, appointment may not be rescheduled, and no refund or transfer will be applied. Please note: Clients must be 18+ to schedule an appointment.

How to Prepare for Your Consultation, Reading, or Cleansing
Getting a reading of any kind can be exciting and scary at the same time!

Bring any questions/issues you might have to the reading in order to let us know what you are seeking answers for.

Try your best to relax, keep an open mind, and offer your trust to the reader and be honest with them.

You will not be judged. If you close yourself off, it will be harder for us to work with you. Feel free to ask questions!

Terms and Conditions
There are no 100% guarantees with consultations and readings.

Please note that you are not obligated to take any advice given during a reading. Should you choose to take the advice given, you do so at your own risk.

We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule, or end an appointment early.

Neither Arts & Crafts, nor it’s staff are held liable for any damages that may occur. For entertainment purposes only.

By scheduling your appointment you are agreeing to the terms of these conditions.

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