You can find information about all of our readers below. Please get in touch with them directly to discuss services, pricing, and scheduling. Readings will take place at Arts & Crafts: Botanica & Occult Shop.

Madame Boum

Madame BoumWelcome to your destiny! My name is Bridgette or Madaum Boum (pronounced “bomb”). You’re here because there is an issue in your life that’s puzzling you or weighing you down. That’s normal. Together we can guide your steps as you choose which path to take to discover the enlightenment, comfort and peace in your life. I’m a caring, compassionate soul, some say a clairvoyant. Let me help you find clarity and knowledge. 

I have been doing readings for over 15 years and there are many tools that I work with: a pendulum board, oracle and tarot cards and of course you and my crystal ball. Each are used differently for different circumstances and questions. Stay and visit and let’s talk things over. My skills will lead you to the answer you seek. So lets see what works for you as we begin to ease your mind. I look forward to our journey. Blessed be!
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Vasalisa the Witch

Vasalisa the WitchA practicing witch of the Reclaiming and Feri traditions, Vasalisa has been using tarot as divination for over five years. She does not use prophecy in her readings and refuses to believe in absolutes. It is her intention as a tarot reader to provide a framework for those seeking spiritual advice to engage in meaningful contemplation of their situation: empowering them to look more deeply into themselves for the real answers.

Vasalisa strives to use her skills as an intuitive energy worker to listen compassionately to her clients. She engages in meaningful conversations that ignite awareness without judgement about the topics on the table. It is her belief that personal transformation is possible for anyone willing to risk being open and vulnerable to change. She also enjoys astrology, making jewelry, wandering through the forest, photography and extra condiments with every meal.

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