Please read all of the information below before deciding whether or not a reading is right for you.

The readings that are currently offered are:

  • Tarot – Tarot readings are used to examine outcomes and influences that surround a person or a thing. These readings are done by Pamela.
    • 30 minutes – $55
    • 1 hour – $100
  • Three-Card Tarot – This reading is done via email and involves the use of three cards to answer a question you have about a situation. You can choose the deck that you would like to be used. Options include Rider-Waite, Tarot of the Pagan Cats, New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, TArot of the Orishas, Murder of Crows Tarot, Tarot of the Cat People, Motherpeace Tarot, and Tarot del Fuego. Please look up these decks before scheduling to see which one speaks to you the most. These readings are done by Amber.
    • $20 per reading

Scheduling: In order to book a reading, please email us at to let us know several days and times when you are available, and we will coordinate with you to find a day/time that works for both of us. In the subject line of your email, please be sure to indicate which type of reading you are interested in. Readings can be done in person at Arts & Crafts Botanica & Occult Shop (unless otherwise indicated), over the phone, or over video chat. All readings are done in English. Once a day/time has been agreed upon, you will be directed to this page in order to pay the required deposit (click the button below!) in order to secure your appointment. You may also make a deposit in person at the shop and the reader will contact you to schedule the session. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance owed will be due at the end of your reading. Tips are welcome but not expected! 🙂

Select Your Reading

How to Prepare for Your Reading:
Getting a reading of any kind can be exciting and scary at the same time! Bring any questions/issues you might have to the reading in order to let us know what you are seeking answers for. Try your best to relax, keep an open mind, and offer your trust to the reader and be honest with them. You will not be judged. If you close yourself off, it will be harder to give you an accurate reading. Feel free to ask questions!

Terms and Conditions:
There are no 100% guarantees with readings. Readings are based on communication received from the universe, spirits, intuition, and gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. We do our best to interpret these messages and translate them in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand for the person receiving the reading. Also, please do not try to “trick us” or “test” our abilities. It is very easy for diviners to determine when someone just wants to test them out. Not only do we not appreciate that, it’s just not nice. If we feel that you are only getting a reading in order to “see if it’s real,” we reserve the right to stop the reading at any time, without refund. You will also be charged the full amount of the reading.

If for any reason, the reader needs to cancel your appointment, your deposit will be refunded to you within 7 days or can be used to apply to a future reading (must be scheduled within 90 days).

By scheduling your appointment and paying the deposit you are agreeing to the terms of these conditions.