Cleansings – You may be interested in a cleansing if you sense undesirable or negative energy or spirits in your home or business. Cleansings are also recommended for those who have just moved into a new space and would like to get rid of the old energies that may linger and invite in new refreshing energy. The price of each cleansing varies and depends on the situation, size, and location of the space (Example: A whole house cleansing will cost more than cleansing one room). Two people will always arrive for the cleansing. Prices start at $125 and include the cost of any supplies that may need to be used. Please note that depending on the situation, more than one cleansing may be necessary.*

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*As with most things, there are no 100% guarantees with consultations, cleansings, or any spell and ritual kits. Each of these are conducted or created based on guidance received from intuition, spiritual gifts, and spirits that may be present.