Introductory Tarot Course

72 cards open the realm of the Archetypes. 72 cards hold a myriad of Mysteries.

Step onto the Fool’s path and unlock the wisdom of the tarot.

Over 6 Sundays you will:

– learn traditional meanings of the tarot cards while working with Major and Minor Arcana energies

– participate in energy work, trance, and other activities to activate intuitive wisdom in relationship with tarot archetypes

– participate in practice readings


– an open mind

– a Rider Waite tarot deck (decks will be available for purchase at Arts & Crafts Botanica)

– ability to attend all classes as scheduled

Tuition: We offer a fixed sliding scale of $150 – $270. You decide where you fall on the scale.* A $50 deposit is required to reserve your space at the time of registration; full payment is required by April 23, 2018.

To register:

Registration closes on April 23, 2018.

*A sliding scale is meant to accommodate varying income levels while assuring that teachers and facilitators receive fair compensation for their work. Payment arrangements can be made if necessary. If the bottom of the scale is financially out of reach and you would like to attend the class, please contact Vasalisa at to discuss work study options.

★  Amoret BriarRose:

I’ve been involved in the Reclaiming Tradition for 18 years, teaching and facilitating workshops, rituals and skillshares to share knowledge and foster the growth of leaders. As an initiate and teacher in the Reclaiming and Feri traditions, I engage with mystery alongside community and within myself.

Pittsburgh is my home: although I am not a native, I like to think that I have naturalized. I am a Northern Appalachian witch, and my bioregion has spurred me to explore the world of American Folk magic. As an animist, I honor the wisdom of my locality and the living breadth of our plant and animal communities, listening for the sacred in words, woods, song and silence.

As a witch, I gather messages from tarot cards, runes, and also from the sounds of tree roots stretching and the drumming of heartbeats. A dedicant to Freyja and Odin, I work with Norse oracular practices.

Above all, I am a synergist. What is the unique, vital and necessary gift that you bring to the moment at
hand, and how might we utilize our gifts together to create lasting change?

To find our more about Amoret, visit her website at

★ Vasalisa the Witch:

I am an existential artist, soothsayer, challenger of reality, and thrift store magician with a deep love of Astrology and the stars above. Rooted in the Reclaiming and Feri traditions for over five years, my relationships with Aphrodite, Athena and Loki describe me best: I am constantly discovering beauty and meaning in the chaos of life while delivering true Justice to the world through acts of kindness.

When inspiration strikes, my whole heart is woven into the task at hand. From witchcraft to jewelry craft, I believe in the merit of hard work, refinement of skills and follow through. The Universe has taught me that organization is my superpower and reinforced my belief that honest communication leads to connection and authentic relationships. I have also come to know myself through photography, writing and intuitive collage art.

The energies of the Tarot have wooed me for many years and I love sharing their gifts with my community. It is my intention as a priestess to empower all seekers to look within for the answers that are desired, embrace the unique and choose humor over fear when shadows arise. I have deep appreciation for magic and I am devoted to its healing powers of transformation.

To find out more about Vasalisa, visit her website at