When we talk about cleansing the energy of a person or space, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is sage. However, some folks do not like the smell of sage or may live in a place where they are not allowed to burn things. In that case, there are a number of other methods that a person can use to achieve the same desired result. Attendees will not only learn about these tools, but also how they can create their own cleansing “products”.

This workshop will be held virtually and in-person. Attendees can choose a general ticket or a Cleansing Pack ticket, which will include 4 items that can be used for cleansing. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

In this workshop we will talk about the history of using sage, the different types of sage and their purposes, and how to actually use sage (smudging). We will also demonstrate how to create your own smudge sticks.

Attendees have the option of purchasing a general ticket or a Smudge Pack ticket that will come with 3 different types of sage and a smudging bowl to take home with them. This workshop is 18+. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

We will be meeting up every month to talk about various paths, your experiences, and what questions or challenges you might be facing. This event is perfect for baby witches and those who have been practicing for some time. Come and hang out and meet some new people, or reconnect with people you already know.

Since are meeting at Primanti’s, we ask that you purchase a food and/or drink item while there to support this business. CLICK HERE TO RSVP!

While the saying “we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors” is true, it’s also true that our ancestors stand next to, in front of and behind us, they are always with us. It’s only right that we learn to give honor to them and why it’s important to do so.
In this one and a half hour class, we will begin with the basics, by defining ancestor veneration and covering a brief history of this practice. We will walk through the step by step process of setting up an ancestor altar while describing the purpose of each tool that is used in this practice and placement of the altar itself and how to take care of not only the altar, but our ancestors.
There are 5 in-person tickets available and 15 virtual tickets available. Virtual attendees will receive the meeting link and info the day before the event. Tickets are $35 each. Ticket sales end on 7/17 at 4:30pm EST. 
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