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Arts & Crafts is short for "Dark Arts and Witch Crafts". We offer a variety of products and ingredients used in rituals, and general daily life, for those who follow traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Santeria, Palo, and other paths such as various pagan, folk magic, and more, both light and not-so-light. Our goal is to provide a quality selection at a reasonable price. All are welcome!

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Lucumí | Palo Mayombe | Hoodoo | Traditional Witchcraft

Hedge witch. Empath. Intuitive. Clairvoyant. Trance medium. Healer. Reiki Master Teacher. Root worker. Advocate. Curator. Educator. Visual artist. Song writer and hip hop artist. Member of the #NotWhite Collective. Loves tacos, collard greens, and Thai food. She makes stuff. Amber the Witch.




Lucumí | Palo Mayombe | Hoodoo | Traditional Witchcraft

Intuitive, who's known to share messages on the spot, who likes to cook and make stuff but never has enough time. Likes to plant her feet firmly in the dirt, feel the rain on her face and is a Burning Man veteran. HR guru who is forthright and honest even when you don't want to hear it.




Solitary Witch

Jack of all trades master of none, Elizabeth has been known to do everything from carpentry, real estate, and event planning. She has always had a passion for helping people find the answers in their relationships, which sparked her interest in learning how to read tarot cards.